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Evaluation of Government Disclosure Levels 2015 [Summary]


Proactive Disclosure was evaluated by 26 criteria with 4 points each, making a total of 104 evaluation points. These criteria evaluated the availability of information, the completion of information, the understandability of information, and the updating of information. Websites Digital

Violated Freedom: Practices and policies restricting media freedom in Egypt


The report examines the policies adopted by the state to restrict the freedom of the media, whether by the closure of some private channels, or by imposing various types of censorship, or some actions by the state as the prosecution

Violations toll against media workers since the disperse of Rabaa and El Naheda square sit-ins

SITC has reported 50 cases of violations ranging from murder, injury, arrest and confiscation of equipment and others. The violations occurred by the police and military forces and supporters of the ousted President as well as by the civic committees

Infographic: Violations against Journalists and Media Associations in 2012

This figure track violations against journalists and media associations during 2012. As numbers shows, freedom of media and publications is being step backward, it also shows risks that journalists face while journalists facing in order to do their job. To

Report: A Violated Freedom

Support for information Technology Center (SITC) has issued a new report under the name of “Violations against Media Freedom in Egypt 2012” which is part of the activities of “Media independence Program”. This is the second annual report while the

A Violated Freedom: Violations against Freedom of Media


This is a summary of our report, and it tries to provide an analysis of the figures resulted from monitoring the violations that took place during 2012. The analysis tries to provide an understanding of the context in which such

Continuity of Media Attacks in Egypt

Authorities arrest 3 of media men .and prevent a presenter from presenting her program in one day Support for information technology condemns the attacks against media men that happened in 11/12/2012, this day has witnessed an invitation for civil disobedience