A Violated Freedom: Violations against Freedom of Media


This is a summary of our report, and it tries to provide an analysis of the figures resulted from monitoring the violations that took place during 2012. The analysis tries to provide an understanding of the context in which such violations occurred and their direct causes in order to stand on the press freedom climate, media and publication in Egypt after the revolution of January 2011. It was still “freedom” one of the demands of the revolution, freedom in its broadest sense under which comes the freedom of opinion and expression, publication and free flow of information. After two years, the revolution’s main of demands, including “freedom are still pending. Although the numbers of violations against journalists over the past two years of the revolution is growing in all all forms reaching in some cases to murder, this did not stop them from doing their job in reporting what is happening and facing these threats in order to deliver the facts to the public as well as for the sake of more freedom.

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