Report: A Violated Freedom

Support for information Technology Center (SITC) has issued a new report under the name of “Violations against Media Freedom in Egypt 2012” which is part of the activities of “Media independence Program”. This is the second annual report while the first report tackling violations against media workers was issued in 2011. This report tracks the current violations against media workers and media institutions during 2012. It has recorded 185 violations against media workers and 17 violations against media organizations, distributed over the months of the year. The largest number of violations that occurred against media workers was recorded in December 2012 while in January it was only 17 violations, February 2, March 13 violation against media workers and 1 against media institutions, April 7 against media workers and 2 against institutions, May 28 against media workers and 2 against institutions, June 4 against media workers, July 6 against media workers and 1 against media institutions, August 10 against media workers and 4 against media institutions, September 12 against media workers, October 17 against media workers, and November 14 against media workers and 4 violations against media institutions.

In addition, the report analyzes these violations in terms of their forms, the involved parties and their frequency, all in the context of a current situation threatening the freedoms in general and freedom of expression in all its forms, including Media freedom. This report tries also to provide an analysis of the figures reported in monitoring these violations in an attempt to understand the context in which such violations have occurred and their direct causes in order to stand on the climate facing the freedom of the press, media and publishing in Egypt after the 25th of January 2011 revolution, as well as after the transfer of power to the first elected president after the revolution. The SITC, as a primary worker from a human rights’ perspective, considers violations against media workers a real threat to all human rights. The focus on this issue comes under the framework of the public’s right to know based on the ability of the media institutions to operate freely and independently.

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