Violated freedom – attacks against media in Egypt 2011

Within the program of “ media professionalism”, support for information technology “SIT” lunched a new report issuing violations and attacks against media stuff in Egypt during year of 2011 under the name of “Violated freedom – attacks against media in Egypt 2011” , the report contains attacks against individuals who seek deliberating the news between them, or expressing about their opinions via any mean- including usage of social networks, blogs, or media associations- those attacks also included professional media stuff and persons who seek to cover the events independently.

Also the report covers the attacks against media associations during they the year of 2011, the sum of the documented violations against media stuff were around 213 violations imposed against 280 media stuff at least, as mentioned in some cases attacks forms were between beating, detention, imprisonment in publication cases , firing from work, and the report documenting two cases of murder in where two journalists killed while they performing their job, in addition to four cases sexual harassment and rape against women media stuff , also confiscation of equipments was one form of violation against media stuff , investigation with media members , preventing publishing of journalistic or broadcasting materials , preventing broadcasting by administrations of media associations or by the owners of the associations too, attacking headquarters of media associations or their offices that are located in Egypt .

While the sum of violations against media associations were around 18 violations , along the year of 2011 freedom of media in Egypt became demolished and distorted either during Mubarak’s era or after it .

The report provides documentation either for written or video recorder ceremonies about the proceedings of violations in addition to analytical introduction for number of violations mentioned in the report.