Continuity of Media Attacks in Egypt

Authorities arrest 3 of media men .and prevent a presenter from presenting her program in one day

Support for information technology condemns the attacks against media men that happened in 11/12/2012, this day has witnessed an invitation for civil disobedience by number of Egyptian political powers and activists. As some journalists has been chased and arrested by the Egyptian authority in EL-MAHALA  city “ north cairo “ , and the presenter “ Dina Abd El Rahman “  has been exposed to halt its program  on EL – Tahrir channel . Dina has surprised by stopping its program without any previous warning from the administration of” El Tahrir”  channel, after her arrival to the headquarter of the channel – at night of 11th February – in the time of her program – 9 PM-  as she found another program displays in the same time of hers . and the channel has offered her a new work contract that will prevent her from being the chief editor of her program and the responsibility of the media content of her program . Mentioned that the same presenter has exposed to halt her program in” Dream “channel as result of phone intervention from one of the SCAF members, he criticized in it her media coverage to the events. In the same day 3 media men have been arrested  in “ El Mahala “ city , they are  the Australian journalist “ Austin Mackell” the reporter of “ the guardian “  British newspaper, and British magazine “ new humanitarian “ , in addition to the arrest of  the Egyptian journalist “ Aliaa El waly “ the reporter of  “ El Gzira “ English channel, and the American journalist “ Derek ldovchi “ , theegyptian authorities has accused them by spying and encourage civilians for participating in the civil disobedience . As support for information technology expresses about its complete solidarity with the 3 journalists and the Egyptian presenter, and ask the Egyptian authority to stop violating and chasing media men , and stop  incitation against them , in addition to providing the required protection for them that enabels them from doing their work efficiently and effectively . and it ask also for separating ownership and administration for building independent media structure that practicing its role professionally and enhance the right of knowledge for all people and getting news .

Support for information technology