Security of Libyan embassy attacks EL Youm El Sabaa’s journalist

Support for Information Technology condemns the violation that the journalist “ Amr Hassan “ – journalist of el youm el sabaa newspaper- was exposed to by the security of Libyan embassy and being detained in “ el Gezira “ police station .

The security of the Libyan embassy attacked the journalist during covering a report about “traveling brokers” according to what is mentioned in “El Youm El Sabaa” web site journalist was detained inside the embassy and was beaten by the security, this situation lasts for half an hour almost and led to a demonstration inside the embassy against the journalist.

The journalist was handed to the police station after the Libyan embassy accused him of taking snapshots for the embassy without an approval from the embassy’s administration. The journalist has been detained and put in “preservation room “and his mobile was taken by the police officer.

This series of continuous attacks and violations against freedom of press and not investigating these attacks that are directed towards journalists ,considered as an indicator of not respecting the of freedom of press which leads to more violations and attacks .

Support for Information Technology condemns those violations and attacks, assures its complete solidarity with freedom of press and expression, and emphasizes on the importance of investigating this cases in order not be repeated with media staff.