stopping the program of the anchor “Ziad Aly ” – ” Egyptian sun has raised ” program- radio Masr

Support For Information Technology condemns what the radio and television union ban had did by stopping” Egyptian sun has raised “program that is being anchored in” Radio Masr” as a punishment to the program anchor “ Ziad Aly “ as result of the anchor insistence to present a point of view that’s different from the official opinion to what happened in the last events like “ Maspero” and “ Mohamed Mahmud” events and the last events of “ Council Of Ministries “ lately .

The anchor has represented in his program a full coverage to the assassination of “ Emad Efat “ and he requested from the SCAF to show all videos of the even as it is without any cuts , after this all officials in the administration have been informed not to deal with any of the victims in those events.

After that “Ziad” has been informed by stopping his program and he has given a promise to restore his program back with the starting of the New Year 2012 without having any official decision prove that. So the performance inside the official media seems to not hear yet about the revolution that happened in the land of this country. And also all the official media practices is not aiming to achieve the freedom of opinion and expression but to direct and perform the public opinion according to the system’s opinions regardless of what the truth is.

Support for information technology is greeting all the honorable people from this nation including the media men who refuse to let the honesty go and leave their message, one of them is “Ziad Aly “, so here we assure that we refuse completely all attacks and all forms of violence against freedom of opinion and expression, and refuse any kind of prejudice against media means and also people’s rights , as people rights is to know the truths as it is not as they want to understand it .