Egyptian authorities should cancel legislations against freedom of expression

Statement against expanding the accusation by insulting religion

All organization signed on this statement show its severe worries about the expansion in accusing citizens and judging them at the charge of insulting religion , the matter that represent a fatal violation against freedom of expression , as on current September there were about 4 cases have been investigated on the ground of insulting religion charge .

As misdemeanors court of  “Toma “in “Sohag “province, has convicted” Bishoy El Behiry” who working as a teacher  by  imprisonment for 6 years , the punishment was divided as 3 years for insulting religion especially the Islam  in addition to publishing abusive pictures for prophet Mohamed , while the other 3 , years 2 of them were due to the charge of insulting the head of the state , and the other one due to the charge of  disturbing the  civil right defendant , also the court fined him 501 LE as a temporary compensation  .

In another accident and on the ground of the abusive movie “Muslim innocence “ , public prosecution  accused the activist” Alber Saber” by insulting the Islam  as a result of publishing the link of the movie on his personal account on Facebook , the prosecution turned him over to the misdemeanors court due to the same reason ,  according to the investigation in this accident , Alber has been abused inside “ El Marg “ police station before being transferred to the prosecution, in addition to that his family has been threatened by murdering and burning their house , the matter that led them to leave the area where they live .

On the other hand, the head of Domiiat port , has transferred engineer “ Gamal El Beltagy” , the general secretariat of the union to the department of the legal affairs for investigation , due to a complain imposed by one of the employees in the body accusing him by insulting the head of the state “ Mohamed Morsi “ .

In addition to the previous accidents , the supreme state security prosecution has accused “ Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Abdellah “ whose being known as “ Abou Islam” , the head of El Oumah channel , and his son “ Islam” , the executive manager of the channel , by the charge of insulting the Christianity , and the same charges has been directed to “ Hani Mohamed Yassin “, journalist at El Tahrir newspaper, due to the interview he did with the owner of  El Oumah channel when he threatened by burning the bible , the prosecution turned them to Naser City misdemeanors court  and their session is today 30 September 2012 for discussing the first session of their trial on the charge of insulting the Christianity  publically , and ripping the bible in front of the American embassy .


The organizations that signed on this statement review that the expansion in using insulting religions charge is a form of restricting freedom of expression and publication, so the organizations ask to purify the legal system and especially the penal code from all articles that violate freedom of expression, and they ask an immediate release for all accused individuals at the charge of insulting religions.