Series of media violation still lasts

Arresting the photographer of “EL Tahrir “ newspaper while performing his work

Support For Information Technology condemns what the journalistic photographer “ Moataz Zaki” has exposed to from attacks while he was performing his work , Moataz was attacked by personal bodyguards of “ Saad El Katatny “ – the president of the Egyptian people assembly – while he was doing his work and also support for information technology condiments being arrested inside “ October the first” police station , not to be asked about what he has exposed to from violation but to ask him about the crime that is attached to him .

Moataz “ photographer at El Tahrir newspaper” has been surprised by being surrounded by a group of people who carry weapons who also arrested him while he was taking shots for the area surrounding EL Katatny’s villa to show the development that area has witnessed after Saad el Katatny became the president of people assembly .

To be mentione, that the bodyguards have arrested the photographer by themselves without having any permission from the police to do so.

So the continuity of violating media and press men can be considered as an indicator for falling down of freedom of opinion and expression generally and freedom of press specifically in addition to be an indicator for decreasing freedom of anybody working in media .in order to prevent spreading of the truth.

As Support Of Information Technology condemns all those attacks and violations ,and provide its complete solidarity with freedom of press and journalists and ask for investigating action of attacking the photographer and ask for giving more freedom for media and press men in showing truth to people.