Press Release: Violated freedom 2013

“Support for Information Technology Center” has issued today, the 8th of May 2014, its report “Violated Freedom: Practices and policies restricting media freedom in Egypt” as part of the activities of the Media Independence Program. Issuing the annual report came along with launching a blogging week that started the 3rd of May until the 8th May in the occasion of the International Press Freedom Day.

The report examines the policies adopted by the state to restrict the freedom of the media, whether by the closure of some private channels, or by imposing various types of censorship, or some actions by the state as the prosecution of journalists and media personals and their referral to military trials. The report tries to determine the policies that mainly caused the violations against journalists and media personals in 2013, also, the repetitive trends of violations against the people’s right in the freedom of delivering news, or broadcasting their opinions by any media outlet, which includes professional journalism and citizen journalism.

This report is an attempt to list and document the state of the media in Egypt, and the practices and policies restricting the freedom and independence of media in 2013. Over the three years that followed the revolution of January 2011, as well as during the year 2013, the freedom and independence of the media and media personals in Egypt has faced numerous difficulties and obstacles. At the level of media institutes, July has recorded the highest number of violations against media institutions with 18 violations, 11 of them were administrative closure, At the level of journalists and media personals, August, the month where the authorities broke down the Rabaa and Nahda squares sit-ins, recorded the highest number of violations with 102 violations against media personals, the month also witnessed the highest number of killing journalists as 7 journalists were killed. December came second in the number of violations with 80 cases. November and March came third with 71 violations each. This year’s report has recorded 10 journalists being killed which is more than the total number of journalists being killed in 2011 and 2012 combined. The beating and arrest of journalists came at the forefront of violations in 2013, the report records 204 beating cases by various parties, and 150 arrest cases by the police and army forces.

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