Toward a Media Regulatory Reform in the Middle East and North Africa: Workshop on the Right to Information

Toward a Media Regulatory Reform in the Middle East and North Africa: Workshop on the Right to Information Workshop Statement We, expert participants from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen, invited by Social Media Exchange, the Centre for

Closure of Islamist media channels and arrest of some of its staff: clear violation of media freedom

The undersigned organizations express their concern regarding the exceptional procedures taken yesterday against Islamist satellite channels, which included the breaking by security forces into offices of those channels, arrest of several of their crew and closing their broadcast in view

New Violations against Freedom of Media

Support for Information Technology center (SITC) is expressing its deep concern from the increase in the rate of violations against freedom of media and the continuous sedition against media workers as well as the increasing pressure on media institutions which

Romani Murad imprisoned for charges of blasphemy… A new violation to freedom of expression of belief

The undersigned organizations condemn the verdict by Bandar Assiut II court of Misdemeanor on the 1st of June 2013 in case no. 2939/2013 against Coptic Lawyer “Romani Murad Saad” sentenced in absentia to one year in prison and a 500

Press Statement: The Civil Society Refuses the Right to Information Bill

The Signatories on this statement declare their disapproval of the “Right To information” draft bill, which has announced by the Ministry of Justice in a press conference on Thursday the 2nd of May. During the press conference, the Ministry’s representative

Egyptian authorities should cancel legislations against freedom of expression

Statement against expanding the accusation by insulting religion All organization signed on this statement show its severe worries about the expansion in accusing citizens and judging them at the charge of insulting religion , the matter that represent a fatal

Series of media violation still lasts

Arresting the photographer of “EL Tahrir “ newspaper while performing his work Support For Information Technology condemns what the journalistic photographer “ Moataz Zaki” has exposed to from attacks while he was performing his work , Moataz was attacked by

Security of Libyan embassy attacks EL Youm El Sabaa’s journalist

Support for Information Technology condemns the violation that the journalist “ Amr Hassan “ – journalist of el youm el sabaa newspaper- was exposed to by the security of Libyan embassy and being detained in “ el Gezira “ police

Continuity of Media Attacks in Egypt

Authorities arrest 3 of media men .and prevent a presenter from presenting her program in one day Support for information technology condemns the attacks against media men that happened in 11/12/2012, this day has witnessed an invitation for civil disobedience

stopping the program of the anchor “Ziad Aly ” – ” Egyptian sun has raised ” program- radio Masr

Support For Information Technology condemns what the radio and television union ban had did by stopping” Egyptian sun has raised “program that is being anchored in” Radio Masr” as a punishment to the program anchor “ Ziad Aly “ as